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Khzir Khan Cancels Trip To Toronto After Travel Privileges Come Under Review

In a not-so-coincidental turn of events, Gold Star father Khizr Khan, the man who set America ablaze by criticizing Donald Trump for have “sacrificed nothing and no one” at the DNC, has been forced to cancel a trip to Canada as a result of the muslim ban.

According to CTV reporter Rosa Hwang and TheWeek, Mr. Khan was scheduled to appear in Toronto tomorrow to speak about “tolerance, understanding, unity, and the rule of law”.

Unfortunately, today Mr. Khan was forced to release a statement regarding his cancellation, fearing that new pumpkin-spiced regime would not allow him to return to America.

Of ALL the Muslim-American citizens in the U.S., Mr. Khan just HAPPENED to get his “travel privileges” reviewed just as he’s about to go preach his message of positivity?

SMFH. Donald and his band of merry d!ckheads should be ashamed of themselves, but that would require that they have shame and, well…

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