Larry King has Some Questions for Chris Brown’s Mother

- By Bossip Staff

Even though Larry is interviewing Chris, he also has some questions for Mama Brown. Being a victim of domestic violence, this had to be a complete shocker for her. What would you do if your child told you that they physically harmed someone the way Chris beat Rihanna???

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  • drenk

    she’d answer but her jaws a little sore

  • Two Wrongs?

    You start by reminding your daughters that there’s never a good reason to physically attack anyone – even a man. This is not some old black and white flick come to life – you know, where the woman would become frustrated and slap the man across the face and he’d look at her and walk away. No, today, if you take it upon yourself to assault a man, you have to be prepared to do one of 2 things: either run like hell, or put your training in the gym to good use and plot to see it through to the end.

  • http://bossip mybaad>> the smell of weave makes me hurl

    *i’d ask him WTF he was thinkin!!!
    *tell him to sit the hell down so we can figure this ish out..
    *call someone more educated than myself
    *tell him to stay away from the punchin bag called riri..
    *enrolled him in college
    *suggest a public apology
    *ask not to be judged on what the media says

  • TimeisCoffee

    Larry King is a visual pollution… he needs to retire!!!

  • chaka1

    I would pull him out the spotlight and make sure he got some counseling. I would NOT be talking about this with Larry King or anyone else.

  • chaka1

    Ugh. Chris looks like an uncomfortable little boy on this set. Why did they do this?

  • MirsMommy

    First, I’d beat da brakes off his *ss. Second, I’d sit down and ask what happened. Third, I’d beat him down again. Then, he would turn himself in, we would issue a public apology (like someone said), and he would definitely take some anger management classes and seek counseling.

  • drenk

    @ MirsMommy

    are you my mom!??! Ma is that you?

    i know thas exactly what she’d do if i was in that situation

  • MirsMommy


    LOL. If ya Moms would do the same thing, then she is alright with me. 🙂 I wish my son would call me, or come to me sayin that he put his hands on a female like she was a dude. Even if she hit him first, because let’s be real, some women do like to hit. But there is a way of restraining a woman versus beatin her down.

  • marie

    I’m also tired of hearing about Chris Brown he should have known better we all make mistakes and i believe he should be forgiven but i’m not sure if playing like did not remember hitting her was a good answer he should of left it at sorry and said he was in counseling now from what i recalled there were reports that his stepfather was abusive
    to his mom we as women and men should take note and make sure we lead by example i have 2 sons and
    i have always have taught them to never hit a female no matter what the situation is real men walk away.

  • AmyWineHouseFan

    MirsMommy..OH HUSH…I wonder if you would say the same thing if a GIRL beat the sh*t out of your son because you told him that just because shes a female to allow her to beat you.

  • kimmy

    chris brown is not sorry,he just sorry that the world knows about it he has been beating ri ri for a while,and saying that he still loves her, that is to get back in the public good graces.he’s a arrogant jealous spoil boy.i hope she wakes up from her slumber[he’s just a fantasy] move on.

  • iminvegasbitch

    this is something he’s gonna learn from. he was wrong for beatn her to the whitemeat, but at the same time he is 20 yrs old and immature. thats the problem with young ppl tho they get in relatationships and act like their married. and most of the time they end up in situations like this one.

  • iminvegasbitch


  • 4Real

    That dude f**ked it all up .. the whole story !!!!!

    He should stop playing innocent .. and better forget about this .. he lost the ‘fight’ anyway !! ..

    The more ‘they’ talk about it .. the deeper he falls !! ..

  • Cynthia

    His advisors are advising him wrong. Poor Thang-this will not help him

  • ll

    Why is it that some people still act like Chris was defending his self? It’s clear that is not what happened. If so, can we please see a photo of all of his injuries? Not to mention the fact that he plead guilty. This guy is a women beating punk period. What happened was not a fight it was a beating. Come on he even bit her. I’m just upset he is not in jail.

  • Scoobie...also known as Scoobiesnax

    I love how people are saying that they would beat their children for beating another person. Classic!

  • statim08

    The abuser is still sticking to his story it’s a blur, he can’t remember striking, biting, choking her, that it wasn’t who he really is. Well, there wasn’t anyone else in that car who could’ve done all that damage to Rihanna, was there? The abuser is still in denial. He has yet to accept full responsibility for his actions. It ain’t a good look to go on national tv to continue the charade.

  • Msbabs1975

    This was a waste of my time Larry Kings time as well as all of the viewer’s time. He answered absolutely nothing. Way to go Chris

  • bluekid

    I hope Chris Brown “Breezy” has learn from this, it’s got to be one of the horrible experience in both of their lives. Breezy put out a hit record and make a gospel CD for me.

  • Pam #2

    OMGG ppl are still on this?

    IMHO, if he would stop answering questions in circles (like wow i cant believe it just… WOW), Ow ed up to what he did (YES, I DID beat her, I was ANGRY, I DO have a problem, and I WILL get HELP. I. AM. SORRY)and SHUT THE HELL UP for a couple months and REALLY got help,i think this would all just go away. Stop blaming ur mom’s abuse history,SHE even said that she doesnt think that a person who sees domestic violence will always repeat it. oh, and stop stalking rihanna. DAMN.

  • Pam #2

    *owned lol
    btw im not trying to be a hater, i saw this on tv and it sounded like they both just kept digging themselves into a deeper hole LOL

  • black

    first of all everybody talking bout what they would do if that was there son. I have three sons of my own and lost one to his girlfriend stabbing him to death. I taught my kids to never hit a woman and to always walk away from it. Its not always the guys fault in these type of situations, sometime it’s the women. Women try men,we see how far we can take them, a little counseling and another chance at life is all he needs. I bet she wont put her hands on anyone else.
    mother of three

  • Jade Silver

    @ Black… I’m sorry for your loss. Yeah I also feel like some women will push a person too far. My so is 3 years old and I teach him to keep his hands to himself unless that person hits him first. Period.

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