Toni Can Breathe Again

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Toni Braxton was admitted to a Vegas hospital late last night:

“Braxton was admitted to St. Rose Dominican Hospital late last night after her show at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. FOX 5 in Vegas reports the diva is in good condition. Braxton suffers from pericarditis, an inflammation of the sack surrounding the heart. She learned she had the condition after the birth of her second son. Braxton has been headlining a Las Vegas show at the hotel since 2006. Tomorrow’s show could be canceled, but that won’t be confirmed until this afternoon.”

We wish Ms. Braxton a speedy recovery. Plus, we don’t want those checks to start bouncing again.


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    I have loved her from day one. I hope that her condition is under control and hopefully she can give us some more good music.

  • Wink

    Toni could still get it

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Cot damn! i still love her songs!

  • Ash

    they are so wek for that title

  • I'm Just Me

    I pray she is alright. She still can blow hardbody. Maybe she needs to cut back a little on some of her shows!! Her health may not can handle it like it used to.

  • Smartie

    Well maybe Kerry can get a job and finally support the family.

  • White_Chick

    hopefully she’ll be okay!!!! And she’s still looking good I see!!!!

  • I'm just gonna wait for Negrodamus to post so I can get my laugh on...

    I’m so dead@ the title…

    Seriously tho, I hope she gets better…she can still sing (Although I hope she opens her mouth a bit more from now on when she sings; it would take a lot of pressure off of her heart)

  • beautiful b

    im glad toni is still doing her thing. she isnt sleeping on her voice. good job toni!! get some good producers and drop an album…we are in dire need of some real voices.

  • Afiya

    Gosh, this woman has more problems…I’m glad she can…breate again.

  • Lauren

    LUVS ME SUM Toni!! Anybody remember that Martin episode when they was selling tickets to see TOWEE BACKTON..??? lmao!

  • Maaly

    cosign wink




    KEEP BREATHIN’!!!!!!!

  • bree

    she looks like a lil chimpunk is this

    on a positive note, i hope she gets better..she seems to have a lot of strife in her life

  • Cage

    LMAO @ Bree..

    Damn, she does.. But i got some nuts she can hold… Toni bangin i’d still air her out….

  • Riley

    I am a Toni Braxton stan

    i hope she gets better

  • Southern Belle 225

    Loves me some Toni B!!! I hope she gets better and she continues to do well. I’ve always liked her. From day one.

  • rena

    She is really smart, after her profile was found on the tall dating site, her hot photos attract more than 1000 new members to rigister with the niche dating site.

  • GD


  • Kenya

    I hope and pray everything is ok. Get well soon Toni. She is such an amazing performer. I never met any artist like her. God Bless!!!

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