God Ain’t The Only One Judging: Deceased Rapper Doe B’s Hot Mess Posthumous Album Cover Stirs Controversy

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Doe B’s Posthumous Album Cover Sparks Big Controversy

Listen, we know rap music is rooted in being edgy, uncompromising, irreverent and even shocking, but come-the-f**k-on. SMH.

T.I.’s former protege Doe B was gunned down tragically just after Christmas in 2013. His estate is now ready to release a posthumous album of unreleased songs, but there’s just one problem.

The album cover.

It’s creepy, a bit unnecessary and outright offensive. Well, not everyone is offended. According to Doe’s former manager, DJ Frank White, Doe’s mother is down with the macabre cover, but the mother of his children is NOT with the s#!ts.

Maybe there is some part of this convo that we aren’t seeing, but this DJ Frank White seems like a grade-A douchebag.

However, he took to Instagram to explain the decision via a didn’t-see-that-one-coming comparison to Emmett Till.

Image via Instagram

Follow this guy on facebook dont know his ig. But this is a smart guy

A post shared by Frank White (@djfwhite) on

A post shared by Frank White (@djfwhite) on

He gets it

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Are you pickin’ up what ol’ boy is puttin’ down?

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