Bad Mannered Playboy Becky Has Nerve To Call Van Jones A House N****

Watch Ya Mouf: Former Playboy Playmate Calls Van Jones A “House N-Word” On Twitter

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Former Trump Model Upsets All Of Twitter By Calling Van Jones A House Ni**er

We’re so confused… This Ariane Bellamar character effed up royally Tuesday night when she decided to call Van Jones out of his name, all while proclaiming his capabilities.

Ariane is a former Trump model and Playboy Playmate who now proudly proclaims in her Twitter bio that she’s been blocked by Trump. Did she pee on him?

ariane bellamar twitter header

Ariane’s “famous” as a former “Beverly Hills Nannies” reality star turned Twitter activist apparently, but somehow she has yet to learn that freedom of speech doesn’t extend use of the n-word to bubble-brained white girls who happen to be wannabe allies.  The good news is, in the words of Kevin Hart… She gone learn today!

After that 2 AM tweet the dragging commenced rather swiftly and it went on and on and on.

She must have slept in this morning because the longer the tweet remained up, the more commentary it gathered.

Yes there’s more.

Hit the flip because it definitely continues.


We know you get the point but there are more classic meme responses when you continue.

So in closing — we realize we’re not alone in the fight for justice but really now who is going to save the well-meaning (but ignorant AF) white folks from themselves?


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