She by Sheree Makes Its Debut at Fashion Week… Yes!!! in New York

- By Bossip Staff

Sheree was not playing when she said she was going to be at Merecedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. She finally debuted her collection and she actually had real models with real clothes on. Sheree the Man was in full effect at the debut and the clothes don’t look half bad.

Wonder if Lisa made it to New York for Support??? …

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  • anonymous one


  • anonymous one

    Yeah…not feeling it.

  • jaysblazing

    she’s such a hater! I can’t stand that manly looking Beeyotch!!!!! Top 5

  • CC

    Sheree’s fashion line looks alot better than that mess Lisa Wu was trying to pass off.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators


    It’s VERY expensive to take part in that = to have a fashion show during the NYC Fall Fashion Week…

    I’m not sure that’s the best thing to do with her limited funds, also considering the fact that she’s not a well known name within the fashion community…

    Oh well, it’s her money & her life and she’s grown…

    We’ll see how this turns out for her…

  • me

    The clothes are o.k. but she still has a long way to go


    You all know Bravo set that up that is why its the season finale, please she dont have that much clout and from what I know they dont let new designers unless their is major buzz on you show at NYC fashion week. I think her stuff is cute iets see if it makes the stores, good luck to her.


    Is that the Asian chick from America’s Next Top Model who was from NYC?

  • http://bossip Ikes Beyotch

    I got three words for that b/s. U G and LY.


    I thought that was her to but not sure.

  • mojojojo

    she is pretty i just wish she would stop with those damn faces! you are not fierce so stop it with those damn faces

  • bobbizzie

    That sh!t look like SH!T

  • pure

    she by shit

  • jrod

    Looks decent but she needs to stop with those poses. She always looks like she wants to eat the camera.

  • WhatEVER

    I’m happy for her. Seriously…I can tell that she’s passionate about her work.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    “an” *


    @PURE you are funny.

  • http://bossip o hell no

    I just glad she actually had clothes this time. Maybe she will support her friend’s show next time..

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Her show was a few blocks down from the TENTS!!


    Oh ok… LMAO at down the street and few blocks away… That makes sense…

    By any chance (*cause I’m too lazy and don’t care to google it) if she’s using designer that’s gone to fashion school or worked in the industry?

    Sponsor or not, I’m still not sure about this move… They sponsored HER LOL!!! And how are they going to get their money back, I’m sorry but I don’t see the ROI (return on investment) messing with her…

    Oh well, she’s Black and so I wish her the best on her dream & endeavor…

  • tb

    Can’t believe she was dissing Lisa and came out with this trashy B.S. Hello, Sheree…this is not 1983.

  • Keep It Easy

    OK OK OK Now I havew seen it all. Let me start making my hadbag line for next year!

  • Ree

    She’s dressed like a 17th century chimney sweep and the clothes look like cheap. Shonuff by Sheree. Crap!

  • really tho?


  • Dajournalist

    Stop hatin. The clothes dont look any different than the rest of them crazy mugs on the runway. GO Head Sheree. F*ck Lisa.

  • Asia

    Anyone who actually knows Sheree Whitfield knows she has impeccable fashion sense. This is not her first entrance in the fashion world, she also owned a boutique in Atlanta that has the most beautiful clothing (that she personally chose). This is her first time designing clothes for others. She did a good job. Stop hatin’ and find yourself something constructive to do.

  • Elaine

    It’s nothing wrong wanted to have a clothing line, or having a business, I wish Sheree & Lisa the best, they are good looking women, Sheree needs to stop hating on her friends, were is the love, Sheree invited Lisa over to her house questioning her about her fashion show, Sheree knew she was not going to attend Lisa show I truly believe Sheree were jealousy even thou she can front alot she is a very jealousy person, most women have that problem even when they still have it going on, It’s just not enough, Sheree is one of these women that loves money, and a very selfish, I think she is a nice looking woman, she just let it go to her head…

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