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TI Addresses Paying Alimony To Tiny On Social Media

It’s no secret that things aren’t exactly going grandly for the Family Hustlin’ Harrisses these days. Papers have been filed, new side chicks have been established, and social media spats have ensued…with the whole world popping popcorn and watching the antics unfold.

Of course, some of you over-zealous folks are taking things to the next level in the comment section and weighing in on Tip and Tiny’s misadventures in divorce court. One such fan thought s/he was going to rattle Tip’s cage earlier this evening, bringing up alimony during one of the sesquipedalian rapper’s “word of the day” posts.

Oh, but Tip was ready.

Hey, at least we’re looking at ONE celeb ex that doesn’t seem to want to bark about his lady wanting “too much money” after the end of their relationship. Besides, let Tip tell it…while the world is in his comments, his wife’s comments, and his new “friend” Bernice’s comments wilding out and debating his family’s future…he’s taking it all in stride.

Hey, you like it, we love it, Tip!

Prince Williams/ATL Pics/Instagram


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