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Mel B’s Former Nanny Is Allegedly Holding Her Sex Tapes

The plot is constantly thickening on this Mel B/Stephen Belafonte divorce drama.

Now, the nanny that Belafonte impregnated, tried to make Mel’s sister-wife, and eventually forced to have an abortion with a hefty payout of Mel’s cash is in the middle of the fray.

TMZ has gotten their hands on more documents from Mel’s divorce, and inside she’s claiming that Stephen and the nanny, named Lorraine Gilles, have actually been teaming up against her for years.

As you know, Stephen has been threatening to ruin Mel’s reputation with tapes of the multiple threesomes and lesbian encounters he’s pressured her into over the years. Docs claim that Stephen “would regularly hold up his phone to me and point to a video file and say, ‘It’s just one click away,'” to let Mel know when she was on thin ice with him. Now, she says that he has admitted to her face that Lorraine holds the key to her future and can act as soon as he gives her the word.

“He [Stephen] has admitted to me that our former nanny, Lorraine Gilles, maintains possession and control over the media such that I could never have anyone locate the tapes so as to obtain and destroy the same.”

I believe that Lorraine Gilles and [Belafonte] are acting in concert to deprive me of my personal belongings by either destroying or disseminating said belongings.”

Mel says she and her lawyers have requested the key and location of a storage locker she believes her things are kept in…but Lorraine, who has gotten married and started a new life separate of all this, has completely blown her off.

This isht just gets crazier by the day! How and why would Mel put up with this level of insanity in her life for TEN YEARS?



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