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Reality Star Admits She Had A Night With Openly Bisexual Mel B And Her Husband

Mel B has been flying her freak flag for quite some time, so we’re actually kind of surprised we haven’t heard more tales of her smash sessions. The latest one comes courtesy of Britain’s The Sun thanks to “a friend” of 40-year-old reality star Lady Victoria Hervey, who claims Hervey told her about a drunken night with the couple years ago.

“It was all a blur and everyone was very drunk, especially Lady Victoria.

“She told me one minute they were laying in bed watching a movie together, then they got carried away and Stephen was on top of her and Mel was kissing her.

“Next thing she can remember they all woke up naked in bed in the morning.”

Mel didn’t just pick the reality star up at a club or bar, they actually had a friendship that had been developed over several years:

“Victoria and Mel knew each other a bit from the London party scene in the ’90s but became pals once they were in LA.

“When Mel was on Dancing With The Stars she used to invite Victoria to come with Stephen to watch her compete.

“Afterwards, she’d go out for dinner, sometimes just the ladies and sometimes with Stephen as well.

“One night in early November 2007 they were out in a restaurant and drinking a lot more than usual.

“Stephen ordered tequila and the red wine was flowing fast.

“For the first time Stephen and Mel invited Victoria back to their home so they all boarded a black escalade with a driver.”

Back at the house, the friend says Mel suggested they go to the bedroom to avoid waking up her kids (this was shortly after the birth of her daughter Angel)

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The friend said: “It sounds naive knowing what ended up happening but Victoria didn’t think there was anything up — nobody had been inappropriate or flirty at dinner.

“She said Stephen had always been charm personified — sometimes it was a bit much — but she never ­suspected he would instigate something like this.

“Although once it happened she realized the signs had been there before — he had a very intense side to him.

“Everyone was really drunk though. She never drinks red wine so she was especially bad.

“When they were in the bedroom they carried on drinking and watching an Al Pacino movie.

“She said she remembered that the entire bedroom was white, the sheets, the walls, the huge doors that you entered by, and it also had a weird sound quality to the room like it might be soundproof.

“The three of them ended up lying in the middle of their massive bed with Victoria in the middle and Mel and Stephen on either side.

“Victoria said her memory gets hazy at this point, but at some point Stephen started stroking her arm and Mel didn’t seem remotely shocked or put off, she just let it happen.

“Next thing she knew Stephen had jumped on her and Mel was kissing her.

“She kept coy when giving out the really juicy details but it was pretty obvious that wasn’t the end of the story.

“All she’d say is they had sex together and she, as the guest in the bedroom, was the one who had the most attention lavished on her.”

SMH. Wayment… SOUNDPROOF room? Dayuuuum! Now you know they are some freaks!

The friend of Lady Hervey claims the next morning the trio was awakened when Mel’s nanny came in holding baby Angel. They acted perfectly normal, calling a car for her after she made an excuse about needing to attend to her dog. The friend says that wasn’t the first time they pursued a night with her though.

“She bumped into them at the Victoria’s Secret party and was hiding around corners to avoid having an awkward chat.

“Stephen invited her to their house again but she turned him down.

“He also texted her another time asking but she batted him off.

“It was at this point she started to think it wasn’t just a drunken out-of-control night, that they had maybe planned to seduce her.

“It seemed obvious to her she wasn’t the first guest they’d had in their bed with them.”

Well DUH… Would you be down for a threesome with your spouse EVER? Do you think this is part of why Mel filed for divorce?


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