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Tiny Harris And Bernice Burgos Face Off On Social Media

Tiny is FED UP with Bernice Burgos sniffing around her part-time husband TI…and she let the draco blam in the Fameolous comment section tonight to make her stance clear.

It all started innocently(?) enough…with Side-Piece Bernice and a friend bobbing their heads along to “Just Kickin’ It” by Xscape on SnapChat. Yes, the Xcape that Tiny is a member of…

It definitely read as a potentially petty move…but Tiny wasn’t standing for even a sprinkle of shade being thrown by her competition and wanted to remind Bernice that she’s still wife status and remains in the top spot with Tip…

Now, Tiny could have dropped this message off in Bernice’s Snap inbox…but we guess that’s not how she’s handling things tonight.

Either way, Bernice was ready today. She clapped back and came for everything from Tiny’s remixed looks to her supposed pressed-ness over an “irrelevant pass-around bish.”

Wow. And for the youngin’s…the Biggie verse Bernice was referring to comes from his song “Just Playin (Dreams) and goes as such…

“I’ll f*ck RuPaul before I f*ck them ugly a** Xscape b*tches”

YIKES. Sheesh, for someone who’s ‘not about to do this on social media’ she came back HARD for Tiny! She took it even a step further and liked a comment saying that Tiny cheated on TI (too?) and pointed out that the ONLY person in the situation who took vows of fidelity to Tiny…was Tip.

This is a MESS. And while these ladies are looking at each other sideways and pulling all the petty out of their pockets…who’s taking TI to task?

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