Antonio Brown's Actress Ex-Girlfriend Clears The Air About Breakup

Bossip Exclusive: NFL Baller Antonio Brown Shocks Girlfriend Jena Frumes By Reconciling With Pregnant Baby Mama

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NFL WR Antonio Brown Posts Pics With Family Days After Becoming Official With Girlfriend

Welp… Antonio Brown sure has a type. The Steelers wide receiver took to Instagram Monday night to post up some beautiful family photos. As wholesome as the photos look on the surface, there’s actually a lot going on behind the scenes. You will see a #CallGod hashtag on the photos and in Antonio’s IG bio, and some outlets are reporting that the baller got a call from God to bring him home to the mother of his kids.

The woman in the photos is Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of AB’s sons Autonomy and Ali King (he also has two children with another woman). Chelsie is also pregnant with a third little boy, as Antonio mentions in the second post. Chelsie actually shared the news herself about a week ago, when Antonio’s now ex-girlfriend, actress Jena Frumes posted a photo of them together at an NBA game.

Yeah… So as you can see this was pretty messy.

It looks like Jena may have found out about her breakup via social media as well as she took to Twitter to respond.

BOSSIP spoke with Jena about the split exclusively and she confirmed that she actually was completely unaware that Antonio had any plans to reconcile with Chelsie.

“We both just made the decision to be together and become exclusive,” Jena told “I was down to handle his baggage because he made me so happy, helped me with career goals and motivated me to be the best me.”

Despite what seems like a clear betrayal, Frumes still had great things to say about Brown.

“He’s a hard worker and his amazing energy was infectious. I was about to move in with him this week,” Jena told BOSSIP exclusively. “I was told he was done with his current pregnant baby’s mother and that he tried for years but he just can’t make it work with her.”

Hit the flip for more details and tweets from Jena.

Instagram/Jena Frumes

Jena Frumes Antonio Brown used courtesy Jena Frumes

While Jena cleared her Instagram of all the photos she posted of her and Antonio, she defended her decision to post about the relationship in the first place.

“He posted me and I posted him to let the world know, being that we both lived such public lifestyles,” Frumes told BOSSIP.” “He’s an amazing guy. I have no ill words and he’s great with his kids, they’re awesome kids! I’ll forever wish him the best. I suppose we just moved too quickly before he had closure with his past situation.”

Definitely sounds like it. We really feel for her. Frumes also defended her own reputation, as you will notice there are plenty of people on social media calling her a “sidepiece.”

“I’m completely hurt, this took me by complete surprise,” Jena told BOSSIP. “I take my image seriously and I would never break up a family or intentionally make myself look dumb. I thought this was it and I found my soulmate but stuff happens and life goes on.”

It definitely doesn’t sound like the either of the women in Antonio’s life are to blame. Is he a dirty dog? Or just human?

Hit the flip for more tweets from Jena, as well as photos that Brown liked from just days ago.

Courtesy Jena Frumes

Glad she has her faith to take comfort in. It’s interesting to see God all up in this situation, right? Antonio talking about his call from God and Jena praying after being hurt. Something tells us everything is going to be okay.

Jena’s blessings are already raining down as she posted some clips from Jeremih’s video for “I Think Of You” feat. Chris Brown.

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It was all good just a week ago. The comments are just heartless. People are so mean.


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