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Singer In Court With His Own Father Over Defamation Claims

Frank Ocean has shut down his own father in a $14.5 million legal battle after a judge sided with the singer over allegations he faked his sympathy over the Orlando nightclub massacre.

Earlier this year, the singer was sued by his estranged father, Calvin Cooksey, accusing him of ruining his good name.

Cooksey explained his son published a Tumblr post last year following the Orlando nighttclub massacre. He accused his father of using a slur towards another person when he was just a kid.

He wrote, “”I was 6 years old when I heard my dad call our transgender waitress a f****t as he dragged me out of a neighborhood diner saying we wouldn’t be served because she was dirty.”

Frank’s dad claimed the singer defamed him and ruined his reputation, with people now believing he is a bigot, a claim he denies and said the story recounted was fabricated. He sued for $14.5 million in damages.

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Then recently, Frank headed to court blasting his father and the lawsuit he filed. He calls the allegations in the suit redundant, immaterial and full of scandalous attacks and insults directed to him and others.

He demanded certain allegations be stricken from the complaint and his father be ordered to refile an amended complaint … due to the numerous statements Frank believes are offensive. He points out to the line his father included accusing him of being dishonest in his grief for the victims of the Orlando Massacre.

Frank says all references to religion including the allegation that he, ““attacked God’s laws,” Islam, Christianity, and “holy scripture” as a publicity stunt; a reference to “homosexual sin and persecution.”

He also demanded all mentions and attacks on Tyler the Creator, Ellen DeGeneres and his mother be removed from the case.

The singer adds, “Plaintiff’s scurrilous ad hominem attacks, insults, and other scandalous and immaterial allegations, directed at defendant and others, are abusive and detract from the respect and decorum of this Court.”

He demanded the judge order his dad to strike the allegations in question and amend his complaint before he even responds.

Then on April 26th, the judge came back and sided with Frank by ordering his dad to remove all irrelevant statements and accusations about the singer tricking others into believing that he was genuinely upset about the Orlando nightclub shooting, any comments that he disrespected God and scripture.


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