Ex-Friend Files: Kandi Confirms Whether Or Not She’s Suing Phaedra

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Is Kandi Going To Sue Phaedra?

After the conclusion of the shocking RHOA Reunion, Kandi Burruss is speaking on what went down. As previously reported, things got so crazy at the reunion that it ultimately cost Phaedra “Frack” Parks her job and she’s no longer a housewife.

Now Kandi’s confirming whether or not she’s taking legal action against the lawyer for spreading that CRAZY rumor that she and Todd wanted to drug Porsha Williams for sex in their dungeon.

Kandi recently appeared on V-103’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show With Wanda Smith and candidly told the hosts how she really feels about Phaedra’s web of lies about her. She also dished on Porsha Williams who she feels was set up by Phaedra with the false info.


On watching the reunion drama:

“My eyes were tearing up while watching it, I just couldn’t believe that she would go that far I knew we weren’t cool anymore but for her to make something up and say it to the girls and say it on national TV like that—like come on, I know we throw shade at each other, but this is a whole new low. You can’t just do that. […] Okay, you wanna tear down my businesses, you’re trying to come at me in a way where people won’t respect me anymore. Clearly they was just trying to say whatever to take me down.”

On the possibility of this damaging her brand:

I was definitely worried because one of my businesses is Bedroom Kandi. People already wanna make sex look like it’s something negative anyway so if you participate in anything like drugging—people won’t’ want to have anything to do with you. […] You had to make up something because you couldn’t find anything to really hurt me.

On Phaedra telling Porsha the fake drugging info before her sit-down with Kandi:

“Just to be clear for everybody, the day that Porsha and I had the sit-down and were cussing each other out on the patio, we knew we were gonna have that sit-down. So she knew it was gonna be a bad conversation—so basically, y’all [Porsha and Phaedra] got together the day before you was gonna have to face me and she told you that I tried to drug you, so that you could say this on national TV.

She told you that so you would try to come at me with this fake info on camera. […] Me and Porsha haven’t even been hanging together in the past year, so how you believe that? And me and Phaedra haven’t even talked, we’ve been on bad terms for the past few years.”

On possibly suing Phaedra for defamation:

“Yeah, I have thought about it. I have to talk to my attorneys and see how they feel I should handle the situation. They told me I should sue Porsha at first [but] when it came out at the reunion that Porsha got the information from Phaedra, I said let’s hold up until they see the whole thing and I’ll get their opinion on how I should handle it. Another thing, lawsuits are stressful. I’m already dealing with this lawsuit with Johnny.”

Do YOU think Kandi should sue Phaedra???

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On her feelings on Porsha:

“No [I don’t feel sorry for Porsha], she knows good and dang on well I would never do that to her. I would have no reason to. So you didn’t question it at all? You felt comfortable enough to say that on camera, the first time you ever say that to me?”

On Phaedra never admitting to the lie until Porsha brought it up on the reunion:

“Yes, she was gonna try to keep going like nothing even happened. Every time the subject came up, Phaedra has never said a word. Like when I got into an argument in Hawaii and I was pleading to Phaedra like, ‘You know I would never do anything like that.’ She was sitting there having that face like ‘no you wouldn’t.'”

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On Phaedra’s lies about Shamea and Todd:

“Last week when they talked about the rumors about Shamea. […] Oh okay so you mad at Shamea so you made that one up, then you made up the whole Marvin story. They had said that my husband goes around New York telling women that his name is Marvin to meet women. People recognize Todd before they recognize me, on top of that since Todd’s mother died he has not been to New York without me. He does not feel comfortable.

On Phaedra still sticking to her lies at the reunion:

“This the part that really threw me off, when I saw Phaedra go into the room with Porsha. She was like ‘Well you know, what if something would’ve happened to you then I would’ve felt bad.’ And you still telling this girl, that? REALLY? I just couldn’t believe she did that. Those sorrys did not mean nothing, she had no problem with putting those rumors out there.”

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V-103’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show With Wanda Smith

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