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Tahiry Jose Defended Herself From Attack By Woman She Had Sheltered

Model and actress Tahiry Jose was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning after spending Friday celebrating her birthday and Cinco de Mayo.

TMZ reported that the former “Love & Hip Hop New York” star was booked for assault after an altercation in her New Jersey home. But BOSSIP spoke with Jose and sources familiar with the incident who tell us that she was not at fault, she was defending herself. Tahiry had allowed a young woman to stay with her for 30 days to help get herself together after the woman was kicked out by a former boyfriend. Tahiry had only been housing the woman for around ten days, but she had gone above and beyond to help her, even driving the woman to her former residence to retrieve several boxes of her belongings. Tahiry even went so far as to help the young woman secure a job interview with 50 Cent’s company.

“It’s not the first time that I opend my door to someone and it all blew up in my face,” Jose told BOSSIP. “I told my friend, here I go again!”

Still, Jose definitely didn’t plan for things to go so left. She tells BOSSIP the evening started on a good note, but she’s not even sure what set off her houseguest in the first place.

“My birthday ended off with some bullsh**,” Jose says. “I was the birthday girl so I had to be the host. I don’t even know what went wrong, she (the girl involved in the fight) got into it with one of the other people at the party and she stormed off.”

Another friend of Tahiry’s tells BOSSIP the party continued without her upset friend, moving to another venue before the group ended their night at a diner. When Tahiry arrived at her home after 5 AM, several of her neighbors had been awakened by her houseguest, screaming and throwing things around in Tahiry’s home.

Accompanied by two concerned friends, she entered the apartment and was greeted by her screaming houseguest. Things had been broken in the home. Tahiry began pushing her guest’s boxes out of the home, that’s when she was attacked.

“She was screaming ‘It’s all about you, all the time, you old a**! I got something for that a**,” an insider close to Tahiry tells BOSSIP. “Tahiry called the cops, but by that time the neighbors had already called the cops.”

When the police arrived, Tahiry told them she wanted to press charges because she had to defend herself in her own home. Her houseguest did not want to press charges but because the guest was bruised and Tahiry was not, she was told she would have to go with the police.

Tahiry’s friend tells BOSSIP she questioned the police’s logic:

“Tahiry asked them, so I have to go in because she’s bruised? If she comes home and blows my brains out, that’s when you’re going to arrest her?”

“That’s when they told her to turn around,” Jose’s friend tells BOSSIP.

Since being released, Tahiry says she’s learned a valuable lesson. “As long as you can wake up with you, you’re good. I got a mugshot for being attacked in my own home. I help people, but people mistake your kindness for weakness. That girl had nowhere to go and I gave her 30 days.”

Tahiry also says she’s tired of people associating her with “Love & Hip-Hop” and fights.

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