Still The King: Rihanna Pulls Draco Out On Warrior Fans, Calls LeBron Hater A “B*tch”

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Playoff Rih Rih Heckles Golden State Fans Over LeBron Games

STAN by your mans Rih…

Everyone almost lost their noodles when thickilicious Rih-Rih walked over to her court side seats in Oracle Arena last night. The Bajan beauty was on Golden State turf, but it didn’t stop her from pulling out the Draco on LeBron haters.

Rih got up to bow for her favorite, Bron Bron, as the Cavs possessed the ball and this seemed to piss off a group of Golden State fans who looked like they were asking her to have a sit. Rihanna clapped back with a wave and dabbed on them.

Damn Rihanna was not playing with these heauxs…or b*tches. Look at what she did you a Golden State fan who tried to rub in the fact that the Cavs took an L.

“It doesn’t matter b*tch, the King is still the King.”

Yikes!! Don’t play with Rih when is comes to her “mans” LeBron. They seems to have a long *ahem* tradition of Rihanna stanning for him during the play off season. Here, she heckles KD from the sideline.

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More of Rihanna and her reactions to the Finals, Game 1 after the flip.

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