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Heckle deez…

Kehlani Explains Kicking “Kyrie Irving” Heckler Out Of Her Concert

Kehlani is defending recent footage of her going ALL the way off on a heckler who tried to distract her during a performance.

After the Cavs lost the NBA Championship, either a fan or just an ignorant jackass decided to interrupt Kehlani by yelling out “Kyrie”, the name of her ex and 1/3 of THAT crazy PND love triangle, during her show.

Unfortunately for them, the singer abruptly stopped singing and got security to boot them out.

“Who said that? Get the f*** out this concert, b***, security!” said the singer. “Kyrie will whoop your f**** a** that’s my best friend!”

Kehlani’s not sorry for her behavior. The songstress recently posted and deleted a rant about “sticking up for herself.” After having a tough year that included a suicide attempt and depression, Kehlani says she’s in a much better place and she’s proud of herself for being “fearless.”

You go girl, mental health is nothing to play with. People have been taunting Kehlani with “Kyrie” chants dating back to May 2016.

What do YOU think about Kehlani defending her decision to shut down the heckler???



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