Disowned? A Gallery Of People Who Claim To Have Secret Celebrity Parents

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A Gallery Of Celeb Paternity Suits

You know what’s worse than baby momma/daddy drama? Hidden children drama. Often people come out and claim to have celebrity parents who disowned them. So what happens when these accusations emerge? Take a look at a few of these paternity tests and alleged secret celebrity parents.

Janet Jackson performs live in concert at the American Airlines Arena as part of her ‘Unbreakable World Tour’
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Where: Miami, Florida, United States
When: 20 Sep 2015
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Tiffany Whyte

Celebrity parent – Janet Jackson

She claimed that she was Janet and Debarge’s secret lovechild but that was proven to be untrue.

Danney Williams

Celebrity Parent – Bill Clinton

This guy claims to be Bill Clinton’s secret lovechild and he’s campaigning hard for it.

Getty Images

Rymir Sattherthwaite

Celebrity Parent – Jay Z

Rymir’s mother Wanda Sattherthwaite claims that Jay Z is her baby daddy…and the paternity issue has been around for a bit.

Khloe Kardashian

Celebrity Parent – OJ Simpson

There’s been a prevalent rumor that Khloe is OJ’s daughter in real life. Yikes.

Radoslaw Nawrocki/WENN.com

Joseph Baena

Celebrity Parent – Arnold Schwarzenegger

This one was true. Arnold fathered a love child while he was married to Maria Shriver.

Angel B

Celebrity Parent – Eddie Murphy

Eddie didn’t think Mel B’s daughter was his but one paternity test later he had to owe up.

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    Celebrity Parent – Matthew Knowles

    Matty Ice got caught up for having a side baby he tried to disown.

    Credit: WENN

    Kristi Horn’s child

    Celebrity Parent – Michael Lohan

    He fathered a lovechild and got caught up.


    Savannah Dickinson

    Celebrity Parent – Sylvester Stallone

    Janice Dickinson thought Sly was the father of her child but it was her ex instead. Whoops.

    Credit: WENN.com

    Keiotia Brown’s child

    Celebrity Parent – Lil Wayne

    She claimed that Wayne fathered her child but that whole accusation blew up when the paternity tests came back.

    Credit: WENN.com

    Lisa Brennan-Jobs

    Celebrity Parent – Steve Jobs

    Jobs denied her for a long time until learning she was on welfare. They had a good relationship until his death.

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