#CharleenaLyles Seattle Cop Who Killed Pregnant Mom Stopped Carrying Taser Months Before Shooting

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Officer Who Killed Charleena Lyles Stopped Carrying Taser

The Seattle cop who fatally shot Charleena Lyles in front of her children did NOT have a Taser on hand and reportedly stopped carrying it because it “took up too much real estate.”

Officer Jason Anderson left his Taser in his locker, the day he killed pregnant mom of four Charleena Lyles, reports the NYDN who checked the Seattle Police Department’s Force Investigation Team transcripts.

The officer also reportedly said that the gun was too cumbersome to be on his utility belt and he’d never used it, nor witnessed another officer use it.

“I’m a … quite slender guy,” The NYDN reports that Anderson said Wednesday. “I don’t have a lot of room for equipment on my belt.”


On June 18 when Anderson and his partner Officer Steve McNew were called to Lyles’ apartment where Lyles, who had a history of mental illness, approached them with a knife, McNew told Anderson to use the stun gun but he told him he didn’t have a taser.

So instead he pulled out his weapon and fired.

No word yet on what will (if anything) will happen to Anderson but he’s currently under “internal investigation.”

What do YOU think about Officer Jason Anderson not carrying his stun gun on him???

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