Here’s Why The Migos Were About To Jump Out Their Blouses To Fight Joe Budden…

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Joe Budden Explains Why He Ruffled The Migos Feathers On The BET Carpet

As we all know by now, The Migos are not a fan of Complex’s Everyday Struggle hosts Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks. After Ak had a super awkward one-on-one with Takeoff, he proceeded to do what any good coward does and kiss the ground under the Atlanta rappers’ feet. Budden got fed up and threw his his mic to the ground, then the Bad and Boujee stars rolled up the sleeves of their beautifully pressed blouses and almost got into it with the retired rapper.

Today, on the first episode of Everyday Struggle since the incident, Joe took the first 10 minutes of the program to explain why he doesn’t F with The Migos. He said that before The BET Awards, the three co-hosts took a vote on who they wanted to talk to on the carpet and Wakaemiks and Nadeska were the ones who voted yes. Joe explains that he’s never seen a good Migos interview, and on top of that, Quavo slick ignored his handshake, leaving Budden to sadly dap himself up.

Apparently, the mundane interview got to be too much for the Slaughterhouse rapper and since Akademiks wouldn’t shut up, he had to drop his mic and get on with his life. We feel you on that, Joey. 

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