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BOSSIP On WeTV Cast Blog #1

Day 1 is in the books. Well, technically it’s not “day 1”, but it is the end of the first day of filming content that will appear on television. Today, we shot our second dress rehearsal show and interviewed our first “celebrity guest”, Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Brandon Barnes. According to our magnificent and melanin-y showrunner, Sheonna, we did a great job. She wouldn’t lie to us (or at least she wouldn’t lie to me) so I believe her. I can’t wait to see how it looks after post production.

This entire process has been really exciting, informative and educational. I haven’t had any experience in TV whatsoever, and neither have most of the cast/staff, but we’re all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and open to learning how to make a hit TV show. That said, there is a LOT to learn. Naturally, the BOSSIP staff are a bunch of smart-asses who have a WHOLE lot to say at the drop of drop of a dime. That’s fine for our out-of-pocket office conversations, but on TV it just sounds like a lot of yelling…like a Meek Mill song. No bueno. So we’ve quickly learned that we have to take time to allow each other to get these jokes off cleanly and audibly.

The great thing about the BOSSIP cast is that we each inhabit our own lanes and we’re perfectly comfortable in them. Me, I’ve been dubbed “the cool guy” by my co-workers because of my style and personality. I’m sure the comment section, Twitter and Instagram will be more than happy to let me know if they agree. But enough about my greatness. My cast mates Ronnie and Tyler are professional funnymen. I’m regularly in awe of their sharp wit and ability to create hilarious jokes on the fly. Janeé keeps everyone in order and makes sure that s**t gets done, Lord knows we need that. Alex is a cultural savant and uplifter of young Black women…in a young uncle sort of way. Dani is as kind and sweet as they come…she’s also equally as shady and straightforward, don’t sleep. And last, but most certainly not least, we have Maura. Maura is the most unique character on this show of ours. She’s not afraid to speak and that is to her credit as well as her detriment. Bless her heart.

We are incredibly blessed to be working with an amazing production crew. The folks who make this show happen are patient, kind, but they do NOT play games. They are here to WORK, just like we are. This show will only be as good as all of its moving parts, so expect nothing but pure greatness every single Thursday night at 10 pm EST on WeTV.

This is just the beginning, every week I come to the set with an inspired vision. Although we are still in the process of getting off the ground, I see SO much potential in what we are creating. I truly believe that one day we will all look back at this experience and say: “Damn, remember when we were first starting out?” Lord willin’, I’ll be asking that question from a big ass yacht stocked with fresh seafood and the finest adult spirits while wearing a white linen short set and my vintage frames with yellow lenses. That only happens if we bust our ass and bring you all the very best 30-minutes of your day, each and every Thursday. I’ve worked at BOSSIP for 6 years and I’m as happy as over a part of the team as we embark on this fantastic voyage. Word to Coolio.

Jason “Jah” Lee

Associate Editor


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