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Kendall And Kylie Are Toxic

How many? Seriously. How man damn apologies are we going to get from these appropriating, privileged spoiled anti-black rats? Huh?

In case you missed it, Kendall and Kylie Jenner released a line of apparel that features their faces and bodies superimposed over Biggie and Tupac. Not only are they literally placing themselves front and center in black cultural spaces, they’re also using their likenesses on bodies of dead black men. Men gunned down by the same oppressive system that elevates walking piles of mediocrity like Kylie and Kendall. It’s disgusting. And you know what happened next: they sent their wack a$$ apologies and expected people to get over it. Just like when Kendall used Black Lives Matter protests as a backdrop to sell Pepsi. It’s a vicious cycle of forgiving white women who are out to destroy blackness with smiles on their faces. Y’all ain’t new. This has been going on for centuries.

Fed up. Fed the f*** up. These saltine slices of trash juice are going to get enough of injecting themselves into black culture. No more apologies. No more whoopsies. Just go away. Go. Away. You can’t sit here. We don’t want you here. Because this black thing is just a phase and as soon as you get burnt out with us you’ll deflate your butt cheeks, put on cowboy boots and be just as Republican and anti-equality as your dad is.

Go. Get out. Stop being a thing. Because we are tired of writing another story about how you abuse us. Bums.

Anyway, here are some more people who feel the same way.

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