Makin It Rain On Them Hoes: “Cutting It In The ATL” Star Maja Sly Is Slangin’ Her Extensions Via Infomercial Now

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Maja Sly Makes History For Hair Extensions Infomercials

Congratulations are in order for Maja Sly!!! Sly is a cast member on WETV’s Cutting It In The ATL and she is turning her reality TV success into even more expansion for her business and empowering women in the process. This month she began airing the first ever infomercials from a Black women for Hair Extensions nationally.

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Day 172/365. There's a saying, "ain't nothing to it, but to do it." I live by that motto because I learned early on that things are closer than they seem if you're willing to do the work required to make it happen. It's not that it won't be hard or test your patience or your pockets, but once you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, half the battle has already been won. It's a mind game. They (other people who don't bet on their on dreams) want you to believe that everything is so hard! They've been telling themselves that same story for years. That allows to sleep well at night so, I just let them have their fears and excuses. But, this ain't my first time at the rodeo. I started opening businesses right out of college and I didn't wait until I had a business loan or $50,000 saved. I simply put my mind to it and became my own general contractor before we had Craigslist. I found a plumber, an electrician and a floor guy. The floor guy thought he was dealing with a child and assumed he was going to take my deposit and work when he felt like it. I politely gathered him and "cussed him" like Annie Lee was Nana and he got it together and finished 4 days behind schedule. But he finished! He was used to taking money from women and thought there was no recourse. Clearly he didn't understand I was spending all I had so, finding someone else wasn't an option, but jail for him was and I was calling 911 and we'd sort it out downtown. The wrap up….I found furniture and dryers in the Thrifty Nickel. I spent my budget wisely and instead of expensive furniture, I spent the money on ads. I replaced the furniture as we became packed. That store opened and I had $10 left in my acct. I was 24! Went to work and made almost $1000 that day. The salon was filled within 7 months. From that experience I never listened to what others thought I should do as it related to growing. Opened with 7 other salons within a mile. We were all busy! Selling hair for me happened in the same way. I simply do the things others don't consider doing. By this time tomorrow the show would have aired! Wish me luck and lots of blessings. 👊🏾 #PrettyHair #Infomercial #LetsGo

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She posted her testimony and more from the informercial on social media.

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I've been multi-tasking and wrapping up all the details today. This is a sneak preview. The infomercial is 28:30 and I'm so proud of this project. I truly can't believe that this is finally happening. I'm literally more nervous and excited than I ever imagined. I'm a night owl so, I've watched infomercials and ordered from them since I was old enough to have a credit card. I think I may have ordered a Andre Crouch album and had them bill my Nana with when Time Life would push gospel LP's. Such a full circle moment. You have no idea how the smallest things will impress upon the mind of a child. Outside of a singer promoting a song in that format I never saw a person that looked like me. So, in about 6 hours on Aspire TV (Channel 188 in Atlanta), my brand and a whole lotta personality will be slanging hair (literally and figuratively)! The shoot was so much fun. The day was magical. @dallaschristopherhair you were the best co-host. @zakiyrah you look absolutely stunning and @amydee21 you are a rock star. True beauties inside and out! Thanks for sticking with me. I know it's been a long road, but it was sooooo worth the wait. Ready for press tomorrow and can't wait to spread the world. My online game is going up a notch and I will be going hard for #PrettyHair! Grateful heart. That's all I can say. In the 11th hour I snagged CBS in NYC. I can't even believe His favor. You've been warned…expert your timelines flooded! #prettygirlshustleharder #slanginghairandhouses #WeDidIt #HowCuteIsPiper #MyOwnQVC #PutYourselfOn

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