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Jasmine Washington Shows “Proof” Of Kirk Frost Relationship

The woman who allegedly had Kirk Frost’s baby while he was still married to Rasheeda is providing “proof” of Kirk’s dirty doggin’ ways.

Jasmine Washington is still adamant that Kirk, who’s yet to take a paternity test, fathered her son Kannon and while the #LHHATL reunion was airing she obliterated him with “proof” of their relationship.

While Kirk told host Nina Parker that he never slept with Jasmine’s girlfriend Keanna…

“C’mon really?” said Kirk. “They wanna get on, they doing what it takes to get there, they’re gonna say everything under the damn sun. I don’t sleep around with other people. Really? A mistake is something you do, something you do but I’m not running around just smashing broads.”

and said he refused a paternity test on camera because she and Jasmine are “scammers”…

“I damn sure wasn’t gonna do it on no national TV to give them f**** scammers, some s*** to keep going,” said Kirk.

Jasmine was going on a rampage with “receipts.”

According to Jasmine, she’s been in contact with Kirk since 2015 and even back then before she got pregnant he was BEGGING to be with her.

“Only posting this bc this man continues to drag my name through the mud & LIE about EVERYTHING,” wrote Jasmine on IG. “He’s gone too far with the lies & defamation.. so I will go just as far with the truth”

In the texts Kirk [snowflake emoji] tells Jasmine that he’s worried that she got back with her ex and Jasmine shuts him down noting that because he’s married their relationship could never work.

“I think that it is time I moved on,” read one of Jasmine’s texts. “It’s unrealistic to think that this could ever work. You’re married & I want to be married one day too. I just don’t see the point in us pretending to be something we could never actually be.””

“For the record do I love you, yes I do,” allegedly wrote Kirk. “Why and how I fell in love with you I don’t even know.”

Oh dear.

Jasmine’s got even more shocking texts however, and one of them brings up the boutique of Kirk’s wife Rasheeda.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Lifetime

Hit the flip.

Jasmine’s alleging that Kirk picked out and BOUGHT the dress she wore to her baby shower from Rasheeda’s “Pressed” boutique in Atlanta.

“Remember when you picked out my baby shower dress from Pressed & had me go try it on & bought it? @frost117,” wrote Jasmine.

Kirks’ since responded to Jasmine’s receipts.

“Try again,” wrote the LHHATL star.


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