Never Seen Tupac Shakur Interview: “The Lost Tapes” Part 3 (Explains Shooting and Diddy’s Part!)

- By Bossip Staff

On this Tupac tape, he talks about Diddy’s participation in his attempted assassination in NY. This is all new and never seen before…

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  • Butterflygirl

    Liked Pac but he talked waayyy too much!

  • Alrighty Then... (why do all of the "men" on Bossip argue w/ females?)

    I love this man! DAMN! I wish he was still here! He was the realest. He stood for what he believed, whether he stood alone, or with an Army behind him.
    We miss you ‘Pac, you left a void yet to be filled.




    GEEZ… 😦

    RIP PAC!!!!

  • Ebonie

    I guess u couldnt come up w/any stories to so u went to reaching as usual. Well firstly, no one cares…Tupac has been gone for 13 yrs now so posting this is like beating a dead horse…completely pointless. Like Ms. Panama said let him rest in peace. Secondly I agree w/Take it Down who ever wrote the “Ho sit Down” piece on Gladys Knight needs to formally apologize to her. That was totally unprofessional and uncalled for.

  • Cutie

    @ SOHH(aka SO HIP HOP)

    I do.

    Miss you Pac 🙂

  • TPM

    RIP Tupac

    From all of the team at

    Amazing Headstones, Gravestones and Tributes for your dearly departed.

  • Keep It Easy

    tell them PAC!

  • Alrighty Then... (why do all of the "men" on Bossip argue w/ females?)

    @Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo…..) – Actually, Assata Shakur is his Aunt, by marriage.

  • neosoleluva

    @ Glok9

    what did u mean by Biggie being sacrificed? I just started reading up on the boule 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to know your perspective on Biggie’s role in this?

  • neosoleluva

    @Kami I fully agree. But I”m tryna figure what the heck do u say to a person to actually sacrifice the fam? Are they too far gone at this point?

  • MrS*Glok

    So do you think Beyonce is up for offering a sacrifice soon?
    As far as I know, nobody from her camp has died.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I didn’t know he was rapped…I mean I heard rumors in all but I never knew it was true! Our justice system has got to do better!!

  • MrS*Glok

    I think Beyonce is up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if her sister or cousin Angie come up dead.
    Thanks for the website.
    Lady Gaga is so blatant with hers… After that VMA performance, I was left in disgust.
    Actually, the whole awards ceremony was one big masonic/Illuminati show.



  • Tony Redds ( I got luv for the ladies of Memphis!

    Man Pac was my dogg. I think he was smart and conscious and definitely had the balls to say what was on his mind…

  • http://BOSSIPP kima

    Tupac called everybody gay Dre Quincy jones etc anyway Pimp C did the same thing went off the wall got to calling somebody in ATL gay and ranting and raving about something the next thing we know he found with a pill bottle next to him what a staged scene

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)


    Shit! That makes alot more sense too! DAMN…she DID get that Oscar over Bey, didnt she?


    I dont think I’d ever want to be famous and in the limelight like that.

  • Just Some Cat

    The most overrated rapper of all time.

  • MrS*Glok

    Thanks. I’m already on the website. I been researching and on my game for awhile now but I love finding new sources for information.
    Looks likes a great website! Thanks again!

  • john hope franklin (Goodie Mob ripped it saturday nite)

    dont give them too much…

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    @john hope franklin (Goodie Mob ripped it saturday nite):

    LOL…I’m trying to let these people know! But I havent even touched the surface yet. And I’d be here all day…..i jsut dont want people thinking I’m crazy…just open-minded. I gotta do my own research since the world always feeds us bullshit.

  • Jade Silver (24/09/2009 - Heritage Day)

    @ Glok… Hello. Sorry, I only saw your post now, was on another thread. Anyway, thanks for coming back to me. I completely agree with you, but when we find out who’s pulling the strings then what? That’s the question no seems to be able to answer.
    Anyway, I’m off but I’ll holla at you on the other line. *wink*

  • Jade Silver (24/09/2009 - Heritage Day)

    @ Kami… I also checked out VigilantCitizen a while ago. It’s quite interesting.

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    Pac was (and is) the truth.

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)


    It is a good site. I stumbled upon it and was on it for a few hours.

    We all know that we cant believe all that we see or hear, but sometimes peices fit right into a puzzle and make sense, ya know?

    It’s more surprising to me because I had no idea that this shti even existed in “our world” or music. Thinking that only white artists would do this.

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