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People ain’t isht…

Dominique Perry Says She Gets “Insecure” Hate Mail

An actress has been dealing with harsh criticism from fans who can’t seem to separate her from the character she so convincingly plays.
Dominique Perry A.K.A. “bank teller bae” Tasha on Issa Rae’s “Insecure” recently revealed that she’s gotten hate mail for her character’s rebound relationship with Lawrence.

She tells ESSENCE;

“She’s such a love/hate character,” said Perry. “I get so much hate mail. I’ve even had a girl be like, ‘Oh, my God, you know I want to fight you, right?'”

She also added that she understands women’s hate for her but ultimately Tasha’s just an innocent bystander.

“For a lot of women, she [Tasha] represents that side chick or that other woman that ruined a happy home. [But] I really don’t feel like Tasha is like that at all,” said Perry. “She’s just caught in the middle of Issa and Lawrence’s situation. I feel like she’s just innocent in it all, to be honest. I think she just sees good in him and she just wants to instill some knowledge in him and some self-esteem and some confidence to let him know, ‘This is just a phase you’re going through in life and it will be great. And I would love to walk that walk with you, if you’ll have me.'”

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for HBO


Clearly, Dominque’s doing such a good job playing Tasha that it’s striking a nerve, but y’all have got to let this lady live.

What are your thoughts on Tasha on “Insecure”???




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