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Usher’s Herpes Accuser Confessed That She Needed Money On Social Media

The plot thickens (no pun intended, seriously)…

Just last week, on Monday to be exact, Quantasia Sharpton aka Angel Valentino took to Facebook to make a not-so-proud-yet-head-scratching announcement according to TMZ:

Now obviously this could be mere coincidence and doesn’t exactly mean that Quantasia is lying, BUT, in the court of public opinion it certain is going to raise more than a few blisters eyebrows.

This chick knew that nothing would be the same after she stood next to Lisa Bloom and read whatever conjured up statement was crafted for her to read.

There HAS to be a reason that Quan- Angel, decided to be the public face of this thing. Usher’s other two accusers have filed their lawsuit anonymously as Jane Doe and John Doe.

How bad must Angel’s money problems have been if she decided to break suit and take on THIS level of scrutiny???

Whatever Quantasia’s situation, we hope it’s worth it. She’s gonna look crazy as a hooker in church if she does an attention sloring TV tour and it turns out she’s lying about the whole thing.



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