Pure Comedy: Folks Are STILL Howling At Ghost & Tasha’s Underwhelming Reaction To Raina’s Death On Power

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Power Finale: Folks Question Why Ghost And Tasha Barely Burst A Tear For Raina

Ok it’s halfway through the week, so if you haven’t seen the Power season finale, then tough tidday. Raina is DEAD and her parents reacted to her heinous, untimely slaying by having a screaming match in their car. Also, Tasha seems at a loss for words, but not in a hyperventilating-because-I-lost-my-baby kinda way. And Ghost, Raina’s dad, we know is supposed to feel some kind of way…but revenge is on his mind. He barely stops to burst a tear for his seed before initially setting it off on the wrong people.

Something just seemed OFF about it to everyone. Folks took to twitter to express confusion after Ghost and Tasha’s reaction to Raina being killed.

More hilariousness after the flip.

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