Classless Act: Kid ‘N Play’s “Kid” Roasted For Coonpernick Role In Jason Whitlock’s Self-Hating Spoof

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Christopher Reid Of Kid ‘N Play Fame Reveal As Whitlock’s Kaepernick

Where the f**k is Blade Brown when you REALLY need him?

On first glance, it appeared to some that Jason Whitlock dressed up a white man as activist athlete Colin Kaepernick for his troll-tastic Twitter spoof. But alas, it was the unbelievably dumb brotha known as Christopher Reid aka “Kid” from Kid ‘N Play.

The once beloved 90’s era, high-top-faded, hip-hop icon is now reaping what he sowed in 140-characters or less for his general lack of self-awareness and aiding and betting the enemy in mocking police brutality and #BlackLivesMatter.

His checks must have REALLY stop coming in if he needed a couple of dollars THIS bad.

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