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Torrei Hart Speaks On Kevin Hart Cheating Scandal

Torrei Hart knows people are BIG mad that she spoke out on her ex-husband’s [alleged] infidelity and she’s issuing a response. Ever since news broke that Kevin Hart issued an apology to his wife Eniko for “mistakes”, people have been anxiously waiting to hear Torrei’s response.

Why? Well because she JUST got into that brief beef with Eniko for celebrating 8 years of coupledom with Kevin even though he’s only been divorced for 6.

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As we reported yesterday, Torrei spoke with Inside Edition and revealed that his cheating broke up their marriage and yes, Eniko dated him while he was married.

“Lies and infidelity,” said Torrei. “According to her [Eniko’s] dates, yes [she dated him while we were married]. Never a secret? She said we were separated and not living together, that’s a lie.”

Now Torrei’s clapping back at folks who think she should’ve kept quiet on his new cheating scandal. According to her, she has every right to speak her mind and “enough is enough.”

“Kevin has used me in his comedy act for years and no one seems to have a problem with that,” wrote Torrei on Instagram. “I was done dirty and treated like trash but still always kept it classy. I had to constantly see my kids in pictures with my ex-husband and his mistress and I still took it on the chin like a champ.”

Well damn, tell us how you really feel Torrei.

Not everyone’s mad at Torrei however, some folks have been giving her props for exposing Kevin’s infidelity from the start.

What do YOU think about Torrei speaking out???

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More on the flip.

Some of Torrei’s recent IG comments under a post about her Heavenly Hart hair products;

“Hi Torrei!!. Just checking in again to know how Karma made the tea for u this morning. 😂. Was it served in bed or in the Kitchen? Awww. Karma is such a great friend isnt she. Now PuertoRico gotta watch her man cheat on video 😂”

“Yaasss honey! I’m so proud of you! You are a class act! Show the 🌎 because your moment has come! Now lemme go buy some hart for my hair while I watch Lil Miss Endocrine or whatever look dumb as hell on tmz”

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