Feeling This Hairstyle? Omari Hardwick Goes Blonde

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Hate it or love it???

Omari Hardwick Debuts Blonde Hairstyle

Omari Hardwick has a new look. The “Power” actor who’s already working on season 5 of the hit STARZ show recently debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram; blonde curls.

In the caption for the photo taken by photographer Sandro Baebler, Omari wrote a poetic piece about being a prodigal child:

“Addicted to ink….tattoo i wear. Brushing my teeth at a sink….for like 32 years. But i ain’t find my smile…til you appeared. Prodigal child….wit grown man tears.” #LaterDecatur #SoonCome.”


Unbeknownst to many, Omari’s an avid poet turned recording artist who’s working on his musical debut. He actually spoke of his music career back in July in EMMY magazine where that peroxide blonde photo first debuted.

“I call it gumbo music because it’s a hodgepodge of poetry, soul, rap and country,” said Hardwick. “I guess playing sports all those years gave me a level of discipline and work ethic, plus I don’t require a lot of sleep.”

Omari’s known for making bold style choices. Remember when he rocked these mutton chops?

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Flashbacks like fridays Slashed backs Fried sun rays Heaven spoke wit a hell of a gaze The Natives fell Warriors broke Then Shakespeare wrote plays My eyes been hard of seeing since them days & was already born wit premature cater-acts so blue skies look gray I found too many people say wit nothing to say So i still water run deep into words that were left to die in battles between wolves & sheep I'm a wolf in Lion's clothes with a sheep's "i told you so's" I wander wit aimless direction Never cared to invest in another's assessment of my reflection To be fair…by the NON tender age of 7 i was aware that this was their self projection I farewell wish them the luck of disconnection Then attend their wake asking the Lord for their protection in their next go round like Columbus tryna claim what he found The ancestors' heads bloodied but unbowed We thank them for this ground For the sake of fuck's….my 1st job was to break the rock that got stuck between this hard place Praise God for grace & i forever appreciate the lines He wrote in this Sitting Bull's face……..

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What do YOU think about Omari’s look???

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