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Charlamagne Tha God Introduced Kevin Hunter To His Alleged 10-Year Side Chick

The scandalous news that broke yesterday is what many will call Wendy Williams’ karma for her years of malevolently troll-y slander against damn near any celebrity you can think name. Guess T.I. was right to show her mercy after her…unfortunate photos hit the net.

After extensive research and investigation, the bloody blokes at DailyMail charged that Wendy’s husband Kevin Hunter has allegedly been getting the happiest of endings from his massage therapist “friend” Sharina Hudson for over 10 years.

Today, we’re going to add another layer to the story…

Our email was flooded with tips about this situation from our South Carolina readers. After doing some deep digging BOSSIP can confirm that Sharina is from Columbia, South Carolina which just so happens to be where The Breakfast Club’s “architect of aggravation” Charlamagne Tha God was living and doing radio when he met Wendy and Kevin.

In fact, our sources confirm that Charlamagne and Sharina are friends and, wait for it, Charlamagne introduced her to Kevin back around 2006-2007 when the formerly-dark-skinned radio host was working with Wendy!

Just in case you’ve got doubts, here’s another pic of Sharina with Charlamagne’s pops.

People have often asked Charlamagne how his relationship with Wendy went so left and he’s always told some story about Kevin pushing to have him fired, but is THIS what REALLY happened? Did Charlamagne unwittingly destroy Wendy’s flabby happy home?


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