That Was Close! Soap Opera Actress’ Tweets Exude Racism, But Don’t Worry, Her Friend’s Daughter Is Black

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Tonja Walker Tries To Backtrack After Racist Comments About NFL

If you’ve never heard of Tonja Walker, join the club. She’s an actress who has most notably appeared on both General Hospital and One Live To Live.

In a now deleted (but never forgotten) tweet, Tonja heavily insinuated that the Black athletes who are kneeling for the National Anthem should stand up and be grateful, because if they lived anywhere else they would be doing manual labor.

Obviously this didn’t go over well, and people started to tell her how terrible of a comment this is, since she apparently didn’t think so herself. Even after deleting the tweet, Walker continued to reply to people screenshotting it and calling her racist, only making matters worse for herself. She heavily insisted that there’s no way she can be racist: she attends a heavily Black church….AND her best friend’s daughter is Black. Classic.

Not only that, but she “put underprivileged African Americans thru private schools”! What a saint.

Tonja’s tweets continue to dig her deeper in her hole as she insists she cannot be racist due to her former associations with Black people. Ma’am, implying Black people’s only option for work beside sports is menial, manual labor is not only completely misinformed, but yes, racist. As you suggested in the tweet above, cancel your account. Please.

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