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Lil B’s Tweets Are Getting More And More Out Of Hand

If you follow Lil B on Twitter, chances are you either have him or his retweeted muted–otherwise your whole timeline would be the Lil B Show each and every day. Whether it’s his social media personality or his music, Based God is known for his quirkiness, and that’s what makes people so attracted to his persona. Now, however, it seems his Twitter page is getting not only weirder and weirder, but 100 times more problematic.

His latest Twitter stunt took place for hours on Friday night, when B sent off a series of suspect tweets staring with him saying “*hits blunt*” and him including a “no homo” somewhere in the sentence. His tweets got him into a beef with Post Malone, and though he hasn’t commented on it yet, he also threw Akademiks in the mix.

He had multiple rant-topics throughout the night, including white people in hip-hop and being black in America. Though he went on several different rampages, some of Lil B’s cringe-worthy tweets are just too bad to ignore. Go to the next page to see some of B’s craziest tweets from last night, you’ll be sorry you ever did.



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