Heada$$ery 101: Amanda Seales Sparked A Social Media Brawl Over Passport Worship

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Amanda Seales Bougie Tweets Get Dragged

Respectability. It’s the word of the day, kids. It usually manifests on Twitter with people saying things like “INSTEAD OF BUYING JORDANS, GO TO TARGET AND INVEST IN A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY” or some heada$$ mess like that. We see it damn near every day. But it’s not every day we see it coming from celebrities.

Amanda Seales came through with the heada$$ tweet of the day wondering why people buy Jordans and “Nike suits” (whatever those are) instead of passports. Apples, meet oranges. The tweet reeks of respectability and a lack of understanding AT. ALL. about real economic displacement and what upward mobility looks like, but that’s for another day.

For now, just enjoy her wack tweets getting tossed to the bushes.

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