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Ex-Cop Gets Offensively Light Sentence For Raping 2 Boys

The criminal justice system in America is a muthaf**ka.

Brothas sell a lil’ weed and get 5-10-20 years in prison. Cops kill people, rarely get indicted, much less go to prison. Hell, this cop in Pennsylvania PLEAD GUILTY to raping two boys who were between 4-6 years of age. You know how much time he was sentenced to?

9-23 months.

That’s right. David Turkos, formerly of the Dupont Police Department, was granted a PLEA DEAL after being indicted on MISDEMEANOR charges of “violently raping” two brothers for 7 years according to Times Leader.

The two victims, who were teens at the time of testimony, came forward in 2015 accusing Turkos of sexually assaulting them. One of the boys said he was zip-tied to a railing while the officer raped him.

Turkos was charged with the following:

-Three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child

-Two counts of indecent assault and a count of simple assault

How child sex abuse is a misdemeanor, we’ll never understand. Turkos ultimately plead out to “corruption of a minor”, which doesn’t NEARLY illustrate the deranged and perverted crime that he committed.

And just in case you weren’t outraged enough, while the plea deal stated that Turkos must never contact the victims ever again and restricts him from unsupervised contact with children, it says nothing about him registering as a sex offender. Which he clearly is.




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