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Hazel-E Is Color-Struck And Homophobic

We’ll that escalated quickly! Earlier, comedian Jess Hilarious and Hazel E was going at it. If you missed that, please go read to catch up! Jess seemingly “outed” Hazel-E’s boyfriend as being a cheater and loving on boy parts, but Burgandy now denies Jess’ source. Not only does Rose Burgandy deny cheating with a man, he went TOTALLY homophobic in the response, posting up a burning LBGTQ flag and some hateful choice words.

Do you see how Hazel-E joined in with her homophobic 2 cents? But wait, THERE’S MORE. Hazel goes in on Jess’ skin complexion, calling her and others dark butts and monkeys.

WTFFF. Do you think these two are on DRUGS? That turned left rather quickly.



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