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Hi haters…

Gabrielle Union Responds To Fertility Struggle Criticism

Shut up, uglies. That’s the message we’re sending on behalf of Gabrielle Union who issued a classy clapback to messy miserables taunting her over a serious topic.

As previously reported Gabby’s revealing in her new book “We’re Going To Need More Wine” that she’s had 8 or 9 miscarriages since trying to conceive with her husband Dwyane Wade.


Unfortunately, the revelation has led to a number of sick comments from people accusing her of “being too promiscuous to get pregnant” and Gabby’s clapping back.

She recently spoke on it with Flare and noted that a messy miserable said she was infertile because she’s had “too many d***s.”

“How do you know how many d***s have been in my life?” said Union.

“This People article came out, and they focused on the essay about my struggle with infertility,” said Union. “In one of the comments, this guy said, “She’s probably infertile due to all those d***s.” I was like, WHAT? First of all, random dude from Alabama, how do you know how many d***s have been in my life? And how many d***s lead to infertility? I’m sure a lot of people would like to know. You get annoyed because that was not the point. It’s a jumble of emotions at any given time.”

Here’s a reminder; mind your business and mind your uterus.

Random fans aren’t the only ones targeting Gabby, hit the flip to see which “celeb” also decided to speak on her fertility struggle.

Florida rap roach Khia (really?!) thought it’d be cute to speak on Gabby’s struggle to get pregnant.

“We got information that she is trying to birth Dwyane Wade, the basketball player a child,” said Khia during her podcast with TS Madison.
“She’s not been able to birth him a young King or Queen, Prince or Princess because she has loose p***.”

“She has been to the child’s chop shop too many times, and now she’s had over nine miscarriages. You know, when you go to the children’s chop shop, and then you want to have a baby, you’ll have problems.”

Get the hell on Felicia.

Gabrielle also spoke on women being shamed for expressing their sexuality while a guest on ESSENCE’s “Yes Girl” podcast.

“You realize how many people are so invested in what goes in or out of your v—-a that don’t know you, don’t care about you—whether you’re in the spotlight or in your hometown. People feel so entitled to what is happening in your v—-a or not…I just got fed up…”
“Our commitment to labeling women who explore their sexuality in a happy, healthy way is so thorough. It’s jarring and scary…it makes you want to close into yourself and not share the joy that is sex…”
“We completely police ourselves, young women and older women. We also have this idea that once you hit 50—[then] ‘v—– closed.’ Which is total bull——…”

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