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Yup, they’re being Evol again…

Russell Wilson Blasted For Baby Future Videos

Some musty miserables are once again BIG mad at Ciara’s husband for daring to have a healthy relationship with his stepson. As previously reported uncleaned ear drum deplorables called Russell Wilson a “cornball” for sharing a super sweet post-Seahawks game photo with his 3-year-old stepson Future Zahir.

Now after Russell flooded social media with videos of their “fellas day” outing, he’s getting the same treatment again. Over the weekend Russell took baby Future to the Lakers headquarters to take in the team’s NBA trophies.

He also did a super precious video showing the toddler speaking on being “the youngest player ever drafted.”

And while most people enjoyed the sweet step-papa preciousness, others were BIG mad that the Seattle Seahawks Quarterback dared to treat Future’s son as his own in part because they’ve never laid their Lean infused eyes on baby Sienna, Russell’s daughter with CiCi.

“What is so sickening is that you will splash pictures of another man’s child on social media but you don’t post yours,” wrote one on IG. “You are ridiculous.

“I would swing on any n*** who acts like Russell,” added someone who took issue with Russell’s parenting on Twitter.

Y’all are really, really, off. Seek treatment for your fragile masculinity.

What do YOU think about Russell Wilson once again catching hell for step-parenting baby Future???



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