WAGS Miami’s “Dopest Ethiopian” Faven Liuget Talks Family, Football And Female Empowerment

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Faven Liuget Talks Reality TV Editing And Running Her Own Business

WAGS Miami is one of our favorite reality shows for a number of reasons, and it has been from the start, but Season 2 introduced us to a new WAG – Faven Liuget who quickly won us over with her feisty spirit. We chatted with Faven recently about moving the family after her hubby Corey Liuget’s Chargers’ relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles, filming for reality and raising talented little girls while running her own businesses! Check out our interview below:

On Filming “WAGS Miami”:

I was so hesitant at first, it was so nerve-wracking. I‘m friends with Darnell so she made the transition so easy, she said just be yourself. It was a good experience, a growing experience. A lot of times I say how I feel. I’m too blunt so that got me in trouble a lot. At the end of the day I feel the audience got to know who I was and sometimes I’m not perfect, I can’t control what comes out of my mouth and I speak before I think and that’s not always a good thing, Corey says, but it’s who I am.

On Keeping In Touch With Her WAGS Crew:

Kayla is like a little kid, she’s always losing her phone, I haven’t heard from her too much. We also have a show group chat, not with all of us of course. I get in the loop of how Kayla is doing from Darnell or Ashley. Our group chats are funny.

On Her and Corey’s 2017 Summer Wedding

We were already married but we never had a traditional wedding, so we got to have a wedding. I’m Ethiopian and it was really important to my family that I had that, so I had a three day wedding our way so we were able to do that. This July we did it the “right way”.
We’ve actually been married now for a year and seven months so almost 2 years.

On Why She Chose Not To Film Her Wedding

It was something I really wanted to have that for myself, plus I didn’t want to come on Season 2 planning a wedding. Ashley was already doing her wedding and so forth. Me and Corey are already married so there was no need to have mine on there, it was Ashley’s thing and it was nice too since she was actually getting married for the first time.

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Unexpected Fights On WAGS

Yes with Astrid and at one point I didn’t know where we were gonna head because I had come on as friends with Darnell. If you remember the hot tub scene, we had a rough start with Claudia and Astrid.

Me and Ashley had a few moments – we’re just too blunt for each other. And then Hencha and I – our stuff was funny because I feel like the show exaggerated how deep it was, because it really was not that deep, she actually agreed with me. But her fans were ready to chew me out after that episode. She was like ‘No it’s not like that, it was never that deep.’ I just told her the truth and she agreed. Hencha has some really fierce fans, it’s weird because she’s Haitian and my husband is Haitian so we share some of the same fans, her fans tend to like me but after that one episode, they were ready for my a** on Twitter. The next episode they were like ‘you were right, you were right,’ I had to give it a whole week for her fans to calm down.

On Negative Comments:

A lot of times I laugh when fans say mean things. If I’m feeling petty, sometimes I’ll entertain it, maybe one tweet going back and forth. If it’s really funny, sometimes I’ll screenshot it and send to the group chat.

Darnell is like a constant – she’s hilarious, some of the stuff she always says, just having a normal conversation, her little comebacks are so funny but by the time I wake up I’ll have like 56 unread messages because they’re in Miami I’m catching up most of the time.


I’m actually good friends with Sasha Gates, we do some stuff together, we go to the games and we hang out, and I’m actually supposed to go to Trinidad with her this February, I went last year too. I hang out with Sasha, that’s about it from the LA girls.

Me and Autumn don’t have any conflicts, she wished me well during my wedding and we talk on the phone sometimes, we’re fine. There is no beef there. I’ve known her, our husbands played on the same team for three years, there is no conflict but we don’t hang out, I hang out with Sasha.

On WAGS Atlanta

I don’t know them personally, but I know a few of them through my other castmates. The WAGS world is really small so we know of each other. I’m excited for Atlanta to air. Every show that comes from Atlanta, I expect it to be super good and super entertaining. I don’t think it will be like Miami, but I think it will be entertaining.

On Competition Between Franchises:

I feel like WAGS LA has a different dynamic from Miami, I could have been on LA obviously, but I’m really happy the way it worked out because I identify more with WAGS Miami. Miami is just so different, the girls on there I feel like they’re more real, maybe because we’re on it, and it’s more organic.

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On Moving To LA

LA is like everybody is somebody, my friends and I always laugh because when you meet someone everyone is here for a reason in the industry. There’s always going to be competition, but I’m proud of the line, I’m in Nordstrom Rack, my stuff does well and I’m about to do something else, attire for women. It’s been fun, I’ve been really busy with 1 and 1. It’s a sports line, me and my husband we teamed up with one of his college teammates and I’m designing the sportswear for the company. Men’s suits and athleisure for the women.

On Balancing Work With Her Raising Daughters

They did an audition for an agency, my daughter has already been booked for three different things. She’s full of personality but it’s so funny because my youngest wants to be just like her but she’s only two so she can’t do a lot of the commercials and acting but she supports sissy. My oldest Eden is involved in a lot of that stuff now, her schedule is busier than mine. I’m trying to keep up with her and Corey plus my own stuff. It’s important that I have my own identity so I try to do my own things as well.

During the season people always write me and tell me “Oh I think it’s so dope that you do that.” I think it’s really important for women to find something that you love to do and find something of your own. You need to have something you identify yourself with. Sometimes in the WAGS world, it’s easy to get caught up in your man’s world and lose who you are.

I remember going through that early on, traveling when Corey goes and just doing what Corey wants and even though I’m so busy I find it pleasurable and fun when I do the things that I want to do with my life, so it’s not even work, it’s more of my passion. My girls when they go to school, I do the things I want to do.

Like I said, Eden is very busy now too, she’s in dance, she’s in karate, she’s in cooking class. She’s four. She’s so busy, but she’s really not a normal fou-year-old she has to do ballet because she loves ballet, she loves to cook so I have to keep her entertained and Spanish merging class, this is her third language. I think she’s always going and going, if she’s not doing anything she gets bored easily and do other things I’m not really happy with.

She speaks Amharic fluently, she speaks English and now she’s learning Spanish. Corey’s family speaks French and Kreyol and sometimes when we’re in Miami his family speaks it to her, some Kreyol, but mostly French and it’s funny Corey says ‘I used to speak it too,’ and I’m like ‘Sure, there’s a lot of things I thought I used to do when I was four.’ He doesn’t speak it at all, but I want her to learn it so hopefully by the time she’s seven she’ll be able to pick up another language. It sounds like a lot, but when we are not doing anything, oh my God my kids will drive you insane.

On Rumors And Blogs

People send me stuff all the time or people will tag me in stuff that’s said about me and Corey, there was this fake page talking about us that was going semi-viral but I don’t really pay attention to that negative stuff. I am so busy that it’s hard for me to entertain that kinda stuff and Corey and I have been together for so long that Not to say that he’s perfect because I always tell people that but he knows better and whatever happens, we don’t bring that into our relationship.

On Marriage

Corey is like my best friend. I feel like when you respect each other as friends, sometimes you let your friends down so that happens of course, but Corey understands I have zero tolerance for bullsh**, I really crave honesty, even if it hurts, just remember I’m your friend, so let me know first and I never want to heard anything new from someone else, and as long as you keep that open communication with me, I feel like we can kinda go through anything together.

In our past, in the beginning stages of our relationship, it was like a learning experience with the communication, where he was so used to just doing what Corey wants. We went through all kinds of bullsh** and he had to really learn like ‘Damn, she doesn’t care, it’s different with her.’ I don’t care what you have or what’s going on with you, I will leave your a**.

On Darnell Questioning Corey During Eric’s Drama With Kayla

When it was actually happening, the editing is so different, but when it was actually happening I was like “where is she going with this?” because she had asked that first. But it was really nice that he was able to respond so quickly. We just have a great bond and we’re so connected because we’re friends first. It was nice and reassuring, oh nice he’s accountable, he knows what he got. I feel like Eric too – I feel like he was misunderstood and editing was kinda part of it, but Eric is really not that bad at all. I feel like he got attacked.

The Metisha stuff didn’t happen like that, they’re not gonna show you all the other part of it, he’s totally not a bad guy, he’s a good person and that’s why Corey felt so bad about the situation that he was like “come on man, let’s go.” Some people on Twitter were writing me like “your husband is supporting a cheater.” I was like c’mon that’s not what happened but if that’s what you guys think, that’s okay. Eric was coming off to be misunderstood.

On Her Motivation

I really just want to be able to say I was on the show for a reason, branding my business the best I can and helping women uplift themselves. Some of the DM’s I get from women who have told me so many stories about themselves, so if I can continue to inspire and brand my business in the way that I see then it was worth it and all this stuff was entwined and that’s what God had planned.

On Kaepernick And Kneeling For The Anthem

It was definitely a discussion for Corey and I, but Corey comes from a military background so it’s a little different for us. Locking arms was what he chose to do with his teammates, but kneeling down wasn’t something that we both felt was quite appropriate for Corey. But he also really gives back, he does so much for the community, especially in Miami.

I feel like we as black people we really have to help the community and bring awareness in different ways too rather than just kneel. I think it became too much about Trump, oh let’s kneel because Trump – is saying this but we can’t miss the main message about why Kaepernick did what he did. What was happening. I felt like the message was getting twisted and getting lost because of Trump. I just didn’t want my husband to lose what was the reasoning behind all of it, like why did he do what he did. Why Kaepernick kneel? It wasn’t just because he wanted to because he’s black, it was Black Lives Matter, young men were losing their lives, just black people for no reason, cops. I just want Corey to be more involved in the community. I think actions matter. I support Kaepernick.

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