#BlackInk: Dutchess Explains Why Sky’s Son Came To Her Tattoo Shop–But Was Cease Secretly Abusive?

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Rumor control…

Dutchess Appears On “The Breakfast Club”, Hints At Domestic Abuse

Dutchess Lattimore is setting the record completely STRAIGHT on what’s really going on between her and her former castmates and she’s got more receipts than CVS.

As previously reported Dutchess has been accused of bringing one of Sky’s estranged sons to her Charlotte tattoo shop for an interview as part of a revenge plot. Dutchess is adamant however that she had NOTHING to do with the interview and producers paid for it to happen.

Dutchess reiterated those claims on “The Breakfast Club” today with Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy in an interview where she brought receipts in the form of “Black Ink Crew” paperwork, police reports and child support docs.

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According to Dutchess “Black Ink Crew”” is fake and riddled with scenarios put together by producers including the lie that she wanted half of her ex-fiance Ceaser’s fortune. She also added that the production company offered to pay for a destination wedding and later a spinoff for her “Pretty In Ink” shop but she turned down both.

“Big Fish Productions kept pressuring me to set a date for our wedding,” said Dutchess. “So then they’re like y’all are gonna have to either break up or get married—I’m not gonna marry somebody so it’ll be great for y’alls rating!”
“I’m so sorry you don’t know what marriage is cause all of y’all parents don’t know what that institution is because they’ve never been married. Y’all don’t really understand that and I get it.”

Dutchess also brought gossip writer Gossip Viv to the radio show to further explain what really went down with shop manager Sky’s son. Viv, who did the interview with Sky’s oldest child Genesis (Sky’s children are not twins like she previously stated), explained that she consulted people before doing the interview at Dutchess’ shop to make sure she acted with integrity.

Dutchess: “The first lie that you lied about is that they’re twins. Your one son is 17, your other son is 19, they’re not twins. I don’t know how your uterus could contract like that to have twins.

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“They came to my tattoo shop. I don’t know Sky’s baby daddy and I don’t know her son. If she lied about the fact that she had twins and that’s not the baby daddy we seen on the show, how could I know who that man was? If she said she’s looking for her kids and couldn’t find them, how could I find them? What I need you to do is not focus on my shop being the location for the interview, I need you to focus on your child because this child is screaming for attention.”

Viv: “I was called by Sky’s ex-manager. Me just being me, I’ve been doing interviews since way before Black Ink had a TV show. I made a few phone calls, outside of speaking to my husband I spoke to several of my brothers, I’m all about integrity. When I met the young man he wanted to do the interview, his father was with him and said, ‘It’s okay for the interview to take place.'”

Dutchess: “I didn’t get paid, Viv got a check. I don’t want anything out of this.”

Dutch is clearly a well-read (and well-moisturized!) woman who’s ready to clear her name.

More on the flip.

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Things got shocking during the interview when Dutch told Angela Yee to read over a police report from a domestic dispute.

“Angela Yee: The first thing here is a domestic incident report.

Charlamagne: Are you trying to say that Ceaser hit you or something?

Angela Yee: It says you guys had a verbal argument about personal issues, no weapons, no injuries, statement was refused.

Dutchess: My G, I am 30-years-old I haven’t had domestic incidents with no one else in this world.

DJ Envy: What she’s saying is she didn’t tell on him to put him in jail.

Charlamagne: Did he hit you Dutchess?

Dutchess: I plead the 1,2,3,4–FIFTH.”

The interview is some great rumor control straight from Dutchess herself who denies cheating on Cease, exposes a producer for shooting a fake cheating scene with Ceaser and adds that all the homes seen on the show are Air B&B rentals.

Ceaser’s since responded, hit the flip.

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    “Explain yaself while I sip,” said Sky.

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