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“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Psychiatrist Delivers His Verdict On Celebrity Couples

Dr. Ish’s job on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” is to help famous couples work through major problems rocking their relationships.

The psychiatrist, one of two in-house doctors on the reality show, said he was dealing with a lot of couples issues this season, but there was one pair who stuck out for their level of dysfunction.

“If I had to pick, I would say Peter and Amina,” Dr. Ish told us. “Peter married Amina at 11 o’clock in the morning, and he went home to Tara’s house that night. It’s like, ‘Ok, what are we doing?’ Where they do that at Peter? But it immediately became obvious that Gunz is who he is. And he tells you that on day one…But my thing is Amina, you can say no.”

Dr. Ish said he and fellow show Dr. V worked with Amina until the very last day to get her to realize that she deserved more from Peter and doesn’t have to play second fiddle. But Dr. Ish said there were more deep-seated issues that led to their relationship woes.

She said “my dad cheated on my mom and I could never say no to him,” Dr. Ish recalled. “Amina said she would sit next to him for eight or ten hours while he did his thing. So she got used to being second, and not putting her needs first…It was really hard getting her to realize that it wasn’t about Peter making a choice, it’s about you setting the expectation of what you stand for.”


Despite the couples’ problems, which included infidelity, neglect, verbal abuse and fighting dirty, Dr. Ish said that he hoped viewers would take away the fact that a partner will not change for you, but you also have the right to choose the terms of your relationship and not settle.

“Judge Toler says it all the time,” he said. “You get the person you pick, not the person they could be. It ain’t about who they could be it’s about who that person is sitting right there, and that’s who we have to deal with.”

He added: “Amina’s thing is ‘Is Peter gonna change for me?’ Asifa’s think is ‘is Bobby change for me?’ No a man is never going to change for you, but if you grow together, you can change with them. You can change together. But we are who we are.”

Hit the flip for Dr. Ish’s verdict on some of the other “Marriage Boot Camp” couples:


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