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Kesha Norman Speaks On “WAGS Atlanta”

There’s a bevy of baller wife beauties coming to E! January 3 and one of them wants you to meet the real her. Kesha Norman is a businesswoman who owned her first boutique in a ritzy Houston area at the tender age of 23. She’s now a mother with a penchant for excellence and the girlfriend of C.J. Mosley.

On E!’s introduction to the 9 new southern belles of WAGS Atlanta, viewers will see Kesha stand by her man’s side as he’s examined for possible symptoms of CTE. That’s not all, however, according to Kesha herself, you’ll see her man and the other WAGS husbands be hands-on and tell their stories themselves.

Below she tells Bossip all about what you can expect from this peach-driven look at wives and girlfriends of athletes, and dishes on the A-Team that will surely dominate this season.


What’s it like being a WAG?

“Of course being a WAG has its perks! Luxury living is always a plus, however in our home we function like a normal household. It actually can get a bit more difficult because you never know when you have to pick up and adjust to a new city. It’s important for us as women to be supportive, but also be a boss in the roles we play! We have to be empowered to show ourselves and our men that we contribute a huge part in the success of our families.”

Tell us about WAGS Atlanta.

“There is a large group of women on the show, several different dynamics. Six of us are in a relationship—four married, two in live-in relationships and the other three are single. It gives you a wide range of how all women deal with life. You will definitely get to see us stand up for ourselves and our families. Getting everyone to respect each other and take value in us as women no matter how our situation played out. I think that was our biggest challenge this season just trying to gain respect and the seniority of it all.”

Are there cliques on WAGS Atlanta?

“It’s definitely cliques, we’re the A-team! You will definitely see a lot of me with Telli, Kierra, and Kaylin. he other cliques went a different route for whatever reason but we’re differently cliqued up because we all can relate differently. The single girls do stick together, so the ones who are single you will find them together a lot. We are cliquish based on our personalities and that’s just the reality of it.”

What makes WAGS Atlanta different than the other seasons?

“The best thing we bring is family, our men are HUGE on this show. They really have a bromance that is super authentic and it brings so much from a male’s perspective and a woman’s perspective. On WAGS Atlanta we give viewers the opportunity to understand how both parties feel in relationships, and the issues we struggle with as a family.

Atlanta is home for quite a few athletes. In some cases, they are a bit reluctant on marriage especially if they have been through bad situations before or just having a hard time leaving the nightlife in the city. Although the men feel like they give up a lot but it’s the women who sacrifice entire lives for their families.

You get to see two dynamics come together and make a happy ending. We really give you the behind the scenes of what we go through on all aspects from the man, woman, the kids.”

Don’t miss the series premiere of WAGS Atlanta Wednesday, January 3 at 10|9c on E!

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