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Logan Paul Tries To Apologize Following Tasteless Video On Youtube Channel

It seems like every other week a super popular Youtuber is getting backlash for publicly doing something very obviously wrong and/or tasteless. Today, the entire attention of the internet is aimed at a young kid named Logan Paul, a vlogger who documents his life every single day to 15 million subscribers. Him and his brother have both garnered huge followings on Youtube, mostly consisting of younger, pre-teen children who watch his videos consisting of harmless pranks, terrible music videos, and different viral challenges.

The median age of his audience is extremely alarming today following his decision to post a completely disgusting video on a visit overseas. The Youtuber visited Japan’s ‘suicide forest’ and actually posted footage of a dead body, with him and his friends laughing at the lifeless body hanging from a tree. Though the head/face of the body was blurred out, the rest of the person was shown in full focus as Paul and his friend’s chuckled over the fact that they discovered someone who committed suicide in ‘suicide forest.’ He’s since deleted the video, but not before it got over a million views.


Logan is receiving endless backlash for the video and swears that the nature of the vlog had good intentions…even though him and his friends literally laughed at a dead body, filmed it, edited it, and uploaded it to Youtube. In the apology, he claims that he didn’t do the stunt for views, but instead somehow thought the video could “make a positive ripple on the internet” and “intended to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention.”


People were already outraged by Paul’s decision to upload the video, and now his apology is making everyone even more angry regarding his inability to grasp just how wrong what he did was. It’s scary to see that someone with such a huge, young following would upload a video like this for all of the kids that look up to him to see. Check out some of the reactions below–do you think this will be the end for Logan Paul? Or will this get swept under the rug after a few days like the other wrong-doings of super popular Youtubers?



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