Twitter Exploded Last Night Over Whether Or Not The Gay Agenda Exists (Spoiler: It Doesn’t, Dummies)

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The Gay Agenda Myth Explodes

Last night, Nipsey Hussle riled up Twitter last night with his homophobic rants and a conversation with Deray that went a little bit like this:

This caused a tidal wave of takes, opinions and plain old wrongness by a lot of people on the internet. Mostly the idea of a “gay agenda.” The idea is that America is “pushing” stories and images of gay black men to create feminized black men.

This is unilaterally stupid.

A TV show with gay black characters isn’t turning anyone gay. And, well, we’ll just leave the rest to Twitter to explain why the idea of a gay agenda is wildly dumb. It seems to us like the LGBT community’s agenda is to do things like live, enjoy life and not be bothered by people asking them about an agenda. Why is that so hard to understand?

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