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In holy honeypots getting smashed to Thessalonians news…

LoLo Jones Publicly Flirts With Jimmy Butler

The flesh may be weak, but the thirst is strong, at least for LoLo Jones. The Olympian whose made headlines for being an adamant virgin at the tender age of 35, recently hurdled her untouched uterus at an NBA player.

After Minnesota Timberwolf Jimmy Butler posted a post-game photo…

an interested and (poon sizzled) LoLo commented, “Welp, there goes my virginity” to which Butler responded;

“Messing with me things come and go quickly…pun intended.”

Turn to your neighbor and say, “Neighbor, LoLo might just get the pi…”


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What do YOU think about LoLo pitching her pure poon to J. Butler???

Maybe they should partake in some sanctified smithereen smashing—for the LORD, of course.



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