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Online Campaign To Silence R. Kelly Is Gaining Serious Momentum

R. Kelly has been runnin’ around makin’ money hand-over-fist for YEARS AFTER we all saw his infamous “alleged” sex tape. AFTER we read and heard the disturbing accounts of his sexual abuse. AFTER we watched his skin-crawling interview with Touré. AFTER he stepped in the name of underaged girls, manipulation and malevolent mindf**kin’…allegedly.

Well, folks are tired of that. Namely, Oronike Odeleye of Creative Currents Artist Collaborative in Atlanta and child pornography survivor and activist, Kenyette Barnes. She’s been on the crusade to clip the Pied Piper’s cape since last year.

Odeleye recently spoke to TheGrio and explained why she is doing everything she can to make the streets so hot for Robert Kelly that he permanently withdraws from public life.

“I have been hearing about R. Kelly’s sexual abuse of young black women since I was in my teens. Every few years more women come out with their stories. More images and videos surface. More black girls are scarred for life just as they are coming into their womanhood and sexuality,” said Odeleye in an exclusive interview with theGrio.

“There is a pariah in our community that we all know about, yet we all have continued to stand by and do nothing. We continue to dance to his music in the club, play it at our family reunions, celebrate to it at our weddings.”

Flip the page to see the conversation surrounding #MuteRKelly on social media. S#!t is ’bout to get REAL for Robert.

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