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People We Should Ignore

So this is how trolls work: they pop up with the sole purpose of instigating the ire of social media, get the attention and make money. Sure, it’s part of our job as a media company to report what these bums do but we’d really love to ignore them until they just disappear. So who are they? Well, what follows is 14 people we’d love to stop paying any attention to until they disappear into the upside down. Deal? Deal.

Without further ado…here they are.

Tammy Lubriderm – She makes her entire living by making black folks mad and getting dragged for it. Just hit that mute button.

Piers Morgan – He’s a living, breathing useless troll and nobody has time for him.

White Awards Shows – All they do is have us perform and don’t give us any damn awards. We don’t need them.

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XXXtenwhateverhisnameis – You know what’s better than pretending like this guy has music that’s worth ignoring his ALLEGED abuse of women? Just never listening to him again.

R. Kelly – Yeah, he should have been canceled.

Tavis Smiley – He’s been hard to listen to for a while but now he’s out here doing speaking engagements about sexual harassment, WHICH HE IS ACCUSED OF. Goodness.

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Breakfast Club

Umar Johnson – We get it. He’s not related to Freddy Douglass. He’s maybe not actually raising money for a school and he might lose his license. Other than that, dust on.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders – She’s a liar flat out. And the more we ignore her the better.

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Stacey Dash – We don’t even know what the hell she’s doing these days, but her irrelevance must continue.

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The Kardashians – Whenever they get bored, they appropriate blackness and get naked. We’re over it.

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Taylor Swift – Goodness, just let her obnoxious albums bomb so we can get on with our black a$$ lives.

DJ Akademiks – As if this troll who lives under the Twitch bridge didn’t deserve to get ignored before his love of dead black Chicago kids, his constant trolling is more than enough to have us saying adios.

(Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Y’all President – We said “useless” and “troll.” Right? Right.


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