Amber Rose Says She Likes To Smell 21 Savage's Underwear 

Muva NOSE Best: Amber Rose Says She’s Likes To Sniff 21 Savage’s Underwear Because His Testes Smell Terrific

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Amber Rose Says She Likes To Smell 21 Savage’s Underwear

Amber Rose is happy in her relationship—so happy in fact that she’s picked up some peculiar habits. Amb, who’s still in sweet trap love with 21 Savage after going public with him last summer, apparently loves everything about her man including his personal scent.

Amb recently chatted with her “Loveline” podcast co-host Dr Chris Donaghue about relationships when he brought up an article about people finding comfort in smelling their partner’s clothes. According to the doc, certain people sniff their significant other’s clothes to relieve stress.

Things got especially interesting however when Amb brought up smelling her Atlanta rapper bae’s unmentionables—because she LIKES THE SMELL OF HIS TESTICLES.

Amber Rose: “I’ve sniffed his underwear like where his balls are—it smells SO good.”

Dr. Chris: “With my ex I would say sometimes don’t wash your underwear and wear it a couple days in a row and leave it out for me—-[I like to] rub my face in it.

Amber Rose: “Are we gross? That’s hot to me, I’m sorry. It has the smell of their pubic hair walking around throughout the day…Woo!”

Dr. Chris: “Not only does it turn you on, it really reduces stress.”

Amb also added that she likes to smell her man’s cologne and pheromones on his clothes.

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Did you wanna know that 21 Savage has great-smelling gonads???

More from Amb’s podcast on the flip.

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Amb also spoke on her recent breast reduction. According to Amb she’s still sore and can’t drive three weeks after surgery.

“I’m still like in recovery, I’m getting better the doctor just said don’t do any heavy lifting, I still can’t drive yet—I do [mibeinging out in the world, it’ s been like three weeks. I’m going a little stir crazy in the house. “

Listen to Amb’s full Loveline podcast HERE.

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