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Omarosa Says She Was Haunted By Trump Tweets, Says We Should Worry

The fired, sell-out, Trump bootlicker known as Omarosa Manigault is back on the attention-slore circuit and she’s using her tenure in the Trump administration to attempt to gain sympathy.

Yesterday we reported that Omarosa was back on Celebrity Big Brother and according to NYDailyNews, she’s playing up the drama BIG TIME. Peep what she told her cast mate Ross Matthews when he asked if we should be worried about America:

“I like to say not my problem, but I can’t say that. It’s bad,” she said.

Mathews asked if we should be worried and she nodded.

“Don’t say that. Because we are worried, but I need you to say it’s going to be OK,” Mathews responded.

“It’s going to not be OK. It’s not,” she replied. “It’s so bad.”

Yeah, it is, and she is part of the reason why! Bird.

She goes on to talk about how she was “haunted by tweets”, paralyzed in fear about what Donald Trump might press “send” on next. *eye-roll emoji*

The famously divisive Manigault-Newman claims she tried to calm her old friend the President down, but “All of the people around him attacked me, it was like ‘keep her away from him, ‘don’t give her access,’ ‘don’t let her talk to him.’ “

Awwww poor f***ing thing. Omarosa’s comments didn’t fall on deaf ears. Check out the White House’s shady response.

The White House is trash, but LMAO!

Oh, P.S. when asked if she’s gonna vote for her massah former boss in 2020, she replied:

“God no. Never. In a million years, never.”

Yeah, ok…


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