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Tomi Lahren Gets Shut Down By Parkland Shooting Survivors

Extreme right-wing talking head and perpetual waste of everyone’s time and energy Tomi Lahren is hell-bent on making everyone in the world hate her dumb azz. Even children who just survived a deadly school shooting.

Tomi went off on some isht she knows nothing about firsthand — as always — and flipped it into an opportunity to promote her insensitive yee-haw azz republican agenda. However this time she chose the tragic South Florida high school shooting that claimed 17 lives on Valentine’s Day.

For whatever “I need attention” reason, Tomi acted as though she gave an F about any of the kids and scolded no one in particular for “making it about guns”…even though an unstable 19-year-old who was able to get his hands on an AR-15 caused all the trouble.

However, Tomi was quickly shut down by some of the kids who survived the shooting itself. You know, folks who actually on the other end of an AR-15 when they’re supposed to be learning calculus.

SMH. Can TOMI let these kids grieve and process things before doing her little right-wing routine on the tragedy?



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